Our Mission

Let’s Face It.
College Parking = Stress × Wasted Gas × Lost Time × Late to Class × Car Accidents

     Any student who attends a college or university understands the aggravating stress of trying to find a parking spot on campus. This leads to students missing important lectures, unable to attend important meetings, being late to work, wasting gas, and increasing the chance of a car accident. For the chaotic and busy lives of students, SwitcheZ USA was created.

     SwitcheZ USA’s mission is to provide all college students with a fast, easy, and safe system to find parking at their schools while connecting students with other colleagues to help build their social and business network. 

     We believe parking should be the least of student’s worries and should not negatively impact a student’s education. SwitcheZ USA is the solution to alleviate all students’ worries of finding a parking spot in a timely manner and to connect students with one another to expand their business network and social circle.