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How It Works

Everybody wins with SwitcheZ USA.

Arriving to campus?

1) Open SwitcheZ USA and select “Arriving”.

2) Choose from a list of leaving students who you want to switch with.

3) Drive to the student with Google Map directions.

4) Give the student a ride to their car to switch parking spaces!

     Ready to Leave Campus? 

1) Open SwitcheZ USA and select “Leaving”.

2) Choose which parking lot you parked in.

3) You will be paired with an arriving student

4) Your fellow colleague will drive you straight to your car from where ever you are to switch parking spaces!


Nationwide April, 2017

UCLA      NYU      CSULB      FSU      CPP      WVU      PSU      UOW      UCSB + More..

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SwitcheZ USA’s purpose is to make life easier for all college students in the United States. To ensure that we are on the right path for you, we welcome any kind of feedback or ideas! The SwitcheZ USA Team works intensely day and night to guarantee we are providing the best possible service not only with our revolutionary app, but also with admirable user satisfaction.

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-Ryan Chong, Founder of SwitcheZ USA